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What is Bismuth Sulfide Powder?

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Is it what you mean? Bismuthsulfidepulver ? Bismuth sulfuride can be described as a powdery, yellowish-brown or powdery crystal. It has a specific gravity 739. It is easily reduced to 685°C. It can also be dissolved in water or ethyl alcohol. These are key characteristics Bismuth Sulfide Powder Bi2S3 has a unique layer structure. There are also weak links between layers. When Bi2S3 grows, these characteristics result in anisotropies. Thermothermal crystals can also grow nuclei at small temperatures. Because crystal growth rates of reactants are relatively slow, they can be achieved at lower temperatures than their nucleation rate. Bi2S3 nanoflakes can be formed when solvents are high in viscosity and surface tension. High viscosity solvents such as water and distilled-ethylene glycol with high surface tension (two to one) facilitate nanoflake formation. Both surface tension and viscosity are low for the solvent DMF in bi2S3. It allows stronger chemical forces to form between the SBI and chain chains. PBC’s crystal-growth theory states that bi2S3 Crystals Form in the Direction of Greatest Force. The formation of Bi2S3 Nanorods is most likely when the growth rate for strongest bond chains grows at the fastest pace.
Bismuth Soulfide properties
All Titles dibismuth trisulphide, bismuch(3+) sulfide (2:3), Bi2S3 powder
Combination Formula Bi2S3
Motility 514.16
Appearance A dark-brown powder
Melting Point 775
Boiling Point N/A
Density 6.78 g/cm3
Solubility N/A
Actual 513.876978
Bismuth Salt Sulfide Bi2S3 Pulp CAS 13455-07-9
Bismuth-sulfuride powder can be used
The important semiconductor material bismuth-sulfide can be used in both electronics spectroscopy (infrared) and electronics spectroscopy (electronics spectroscopy). You can also use it to create optoelectronic pieces. Bismuth Sulfide has a room temperature band gap of energy of 1.33eV and can be used to make photoelectric convertors. Bismuth Sulfide can also be used for thermoelectric cooling. Blue-shifting is possible with nanoscale bismuth. It can also blue-shift both the UV-visible and fluorescence emission wavelengths. Nonlinear optical responses enhance the performance of this material. It can be used for photocatalytic, luminescent, and other nonlinear purposes.
The seller Bismuth Sulfide Powder
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