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What is Colloidal Silicon Dioxide?

What’s colloidal silica dioxide? Gaseous silica created by hydrolysis. It is an easy to disperse form of fine silica. It may not dissolve in water. Silicon can be found naturally on the periodic tables. It is safe and widely used in the industry. It is second in abundance after oxygen in Earth’s crust.

What purpose does colloidal silicone dioxide serve?

Food use.

You can find colloidal silica in food. Because of its loose-flowing nature, colloidal silica can be found in foods, including seasonings and baking salts. It is found in numerous foods such as spices and meat pickling sauce.

To be used for medical purposes.

The inert nature of colloidal silica allows it to be used in pill coatings and dietary supplements. Aerosil, the trade name for medical-grade colloidal silica is used.

Uses Other than

Colloidal Silica, a thickener, can be used in many industries, including cosmetics, paints, dyes, or other industrial processes. Colloidal silica, also known by the trade name “Cabo-o-Sil”, can be used for thickening industrial products.

Is colloidal silicon dioxide toxic?

FDA has confirmed silica coloidal to be generally safe. Silica that is ingested via food and supplements can also be taken safely, according to many studies.

According to studies, the body doesn’t store it. Research by the World Health Organization shows that excessive silicon dioxide can be expelled from the body through the kidneys. Research also showed no association between excess silicon dioxide found in foods and higher organ damage, diseases, or deaths.

Is there any benefit to using silicon dioxide for your health?

It is naturally found in nature and human beings. It can safely be added to foods. Inhaling silica may cause serious health problems.

Silica is available in many forms. Many types of silicon dioxide can be used in food, drugs and other supplements. It is extremely dangerous to inhale silica dust. Silicosis can be caused by silica dust inhalation. In essence, silica has a crystal structure. Inhale it and the crystals will be introduced into your lungs in nanoparticles. You will notice tiny holes in your lung tissue. This can lead to scar tissue in the lungs. You may find it hard to breathe.

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