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What is Lithium 12-hydroxystearate?

What exactly is Lithium-12hydroxystearate and its chemical formula ? Lithium-12hydroxystearate’s chemical formula , is C18H35LiO3. Commonly, this substance is known as lithium soap. Chemistry is the science of essential fatty acids-salts. It’s also known as soap. The white solid Lithium-12-hydroxystearate can be described as a liquid. The lithium soap is an essential component in many greases. For making lithium-based grease thickeners, you can use lithium 12-hydroxystearate. This is widely recognized as the best fatty acids. It produces grease with a creamy, butter-like texture.

Why is Lithium-12-hydroxystearate Useful?

The thickener/gelling agent of lithium 12-hydroxystearate can be used in lubricating oils.

Lithium 12-hydroxystearate is highly resistant to oxidation and can be lowered by around 200°C. Most greases that are used in heavy machinery and motor vehicles contain lithium stearate as the main ingredient. Some greases also contain sodium, barium, and lithium soaps. Because of its low price, high water resistance and oxidation stability this grease is very popular. There are two types of greases: high-temperature and low-temperature.

How can you produce Lithium-12-hydroxystearate

To make lithium 12-hydroxystearate, mix lithium hydroxide with fatty acids in an aqueous liquid. Slowly and vigorously mix the lithium hydroxide monohydrate together with fatty oils dispersions. You will see the water drop below its boiling point. This lithium soap cannot be easily purified so spray drying is the best way to get them. You can use synthetic oils containing lithium 12-hydroxystearate like ester or silicone oil. They are capable of performing at higher temperatures, and they are less volatile that synthetic oils.

Twelve-hydroxystearic Acid can be obtained by hydrogenating and reducing castor oil. All initial reactions that are required for double bond saturation are completed. After this is complete, the hydroxyl-group dehydration occurs. This hydrogenated castor oils results in both 12-hydroxystearic, and stearic acids.

Lithium12hydroxystearate Price

Prices can be affected depending on the supply and demand of services and industry trends. It is important to consider economic activity and market sentiment.

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Lithium-12-hydroxystearate Provider

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