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What is Lithium Stearate?

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What’s the definition of lithium stearate lithium Stearate, also known as C17H35COOLi is a sodium of lithium-stearic acid and the most widely used metal soap. This powder can be used to create greases or other waxes. It’s almost insoluble with alcohol and water. However, it has a melting point of 220°C (colorless). This powder is stable to temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius, and it can be lubricated at temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius. This is the most common use of lithium before lithium-ion cell technology. Small amounts of lithium-stearate are suitable for pencils. It is also safe for cosmetic use because it can be taken orally with low toxicities.

Where is lithium-stearate applied?

Lithium stearate is used in general-purpose greases. It provides water resistance. It can be used at both low and high temperatures because of its versatility. Because of this, it is used in many different industries. This general-purpose grease lithiumstearate can be used in plastics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries as a stabilizer. The petroleum industry can use this compound as a corrosion inhibitor.

Below are examples of how lithium-stearate can be used.

It can be used as an oil thickener in synthetic natural oils.

It allows you to make lightweight metal molds.

It’s a finer and thicker grease, which is ideal to use at high temperatures.

It can increase melting temperature and elasticity of microcrystalline wax.

Lithium stearate is much less likely to loose consistency than conventional sodium and potassium soaps, which melt at lower temperatures (22.2°C, 140°C).

It’s resistant to corrosion, rust and other elements.

While lithium stearate may not be water repellent, it can still work in many other environments.

The sealant works great.

What exactly is lithium grease?

It was in the latter 1940s that lithium grease was discovered. The lithium hydroxide reacts to fatty acids to make it. Today’s lithium soaps are also known as Thickeners. They contain lithium hydroxide monohydrate (or Triglyceride), and 12HSA (12-hydroxystearic Acid).

Grease has been used in lubricants ever since 1400BC. Grease, a lubricant, reduces friction, waterproofs and seals. More than 90% use grease to lubricate bearings.

This could either be mineral oil, or synthetic oil. It could be a combination of these two. It is possible to use many fats and oils in order to make lithium soap. TwelveHSA (12 hydrogenated castor oils) and 12CO (12 hydrogenated castor oils) are the preferred oils. Lithium 12hydroxy Stearate grease may be the best multi-purpose grease.

It has excellent water resistance, but not as great as calcium. This grease also exhibits excellent storage stability. It can be used continuously at 130°C (or 266°F) with a drop temperature of between 190 and 200°C. This is the most common bearing grease used in nearly every industry.

Lithium Stearate price

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Lithium Stearate pulverizer

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