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what is Molybdenum Lubricant ?

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What is Molybdenum Lubricant and how does it work? Molybdenum is an organic mineral used for improving the lubricity in mechanical parts. As an anti-wear finish, the mineral draws itself onto metal surfaces. It isn’t soluble in oil so this additive may not be effective. Also, it needs to be lubricated with a good lubricant so that it doesn’t block filters or passageways. In almost all parts of heavy duty vehicles, moly grease is utilized. The grease should contain no more than 5% molybdenum-dioxide, as this will prevent internal gearing bind. Although it may not affect performance, moly grease can be used to adjust slack. Molybdenum grease is a type or lubricant which has low friction but high pressure-absorption capabilities. It has excellent anti-stick and corrosion properties. It’s used in the press-fit manufacture of various types of machine parts. Moly oil prevents the formation of gear pitting. It can be used as a lubricant on machine parts, and it is highly recommended to use for metal-to–metal contact lubrication. It can be used for lubricating roller bearings or threaded shafts. Molybdenum-disulfide also makes a great lubricant. It is a molybdenum-sulfur atom compound. Because of its sulfur-atoms, it can be bound to metal surfaces. The compound prevents metal surfaces from being contacted by asperities. MoS2, a common molybdenum lubricant has particle sizes in between one and 100 um. Sliding friction properties for MoS2 range from 0.1 to 1 s.
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