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What is Nano Silver and What are the Properties of Nano Silver

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What is Nano Silver?

The metallic silver substance with a diameter below 100 nanometers is called nano silver . This usually ranges from 20-50 nanometers. These silver nanoparticles contain atoms made up of silver particles and not silverions. The solid silver nanoparticles are free of charge. By chemical and physical methods, metallic silver can be made with a particle diameter of less than 100nm. Silver nanoparticles, also known as black powders, are formed by mixing silver nanoparticles with media and substrates. One suspension of nanometersilver is called nanometer solution. It varies in color depending on the concentration. As the concentration rises, the color gradually darkens from yellow to deepred. This liquid is composed of particles with a rough texture.

Nano Silver: Characterization

Because its size lies between an atomic cluster of microscopic particles and nano-silver, it has many unique properties, which aren’t found in ordinary silver.

1. Surface effect

Nano-silver powder refers to the effect on the surface of the particles that have been reduced in size and made into fine powder. It has a different surface than that of silver powder.

2. Volume effect

Volume effect in nano-silver powder refers to the decrease of volume and the number atoms within the particle. As the number and size of the nano silver particles decreases, so will the energy gap. Some electrical, magnetic, and thermal energies may be affected. You can intuitively see that the nano silver powder is darker than the silver-white particles with larger silver particles. It is due to significant changes in the non-absorption of emission, scattering and energy level discontinuity caused by proton vibration.

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