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What is Silicon Boride Powder?

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Silicon Boride Powder: Introduction

Silicon Boride

This light ceramic compound is sometimes called “boron siliicide”, as it is made from both silicon and bore. The most well-known type is Silicon Triboride.
Hexaboron is the term for the gray-colored, glossy powder made of silicon hexaboride. The chemical formula for SiB6 can be found here. SiB6 has a molecular mass of 92.95. Its relative density is 2.47g/cm3. The melting point for this stone is 2200. It can be either ruby-colored or diamond in hardness. It is capable of conducting electricity. It can not be dissolved in water. You can heat the material with chlorine or water vapour to make it oxidize.

Silicon Boride powder’s physical and chemical properties

SiB6 crystal structures include interconnected SiB6 icosahedrons, hedrons having 20 faces each and 26 faces respectively, along with isolated silicon Atoms.

It doesn’t dissolve in water. The material can be used at extreme temperatures and is exceptionally strong. It has a higher grind efficiency than boron.

SiB6 reacts to oxygen, heat, and oxygen to create surface oxidation. SiB6, fluorine, chlorine, and sulfuric acids can all be heated to boiling point at high temperatures. Borides are high in electrical conductivity. Hexamborides are low in thermal expansion, but have high thermal neutron cross-section.

Silicon Boride Powder Properties
Additional Names SiB6 Powder, Silicon Hexaboride
CAS No. 12008-29-6
Formula compound SiB6
Molecular Weight 92.95
Appearance You can choose from dark grey or black powder
Melting Point 1950
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2.43g/cm3
Solubility of water It is impossible to solve
The exact Mass 93.04
Silicon Boride SiB6 Powder CAS 12008-29-6

Silicon Boride Powder preparation

The mixture of boron and silicon can be heated directly. Excess silicon can be removed with HNO3 (HF) and HF. Molten KOH may be used to decompose B3Si.

Silicon Boride Powder

It is also used to grind cemented caride.

2. Useful for engineering ceramic materials, sandblastingnozzles, creating gas engine blades, and other custom-shaped seals.

3. It’s used to provide oxygen in refractories.

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