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What is the difference between Nano and Non Nano Zinc Oxide?

What is Nanozinc Oxide An inorganic multi-functional material made up of zinc oxide nanoparticle which has a particle size of between 1 to 100nm. When grains are refined, the electronic and crystal structures change. The surface effect results. Quantum size effect. Effect of macroscopically tunneling. Very high transparency

In recent years, it was found that nanozinc dioxide can perform many different functions in catalysis as well as optics. There is no better substitute for zinc dioxide because of its versatility and uniqueness. This material can be used as a textile coating or UV masking agent.

What does Nano Zinc Oxide consist of?

zirconiumoxid may be prepared in one of three methods: direct, indirectly (also known as American method), or chemical wet method. There are a majority of Zinc Oxide products that can be found on the current market. They come in direct and indirect forms, which have micron particle sizes and extremely small surface areas. This property severely limits their performance and application area.

Nanozinc oxide can be made by using a chemical procedure (NPP). A variety of zinc-containing substances are possible to use as raw materials. Zinc can also be leached with acids and its impurities removed many times. By precipitation, basic zinc carbonate can be made and nanometers zinc dioxide.

What’s the difference between Nano Zinc Oxide (Nano) and Non Nano Zinc Oride (Nano)?

One of the striking characteristics of zirconiumoxid nanoparticles is that their product particles are only nanometers in size. The nanoparticles combine elements of traditional zinc oxide with those from nanomaterials. It has a higher degree of specificity than traditional Zinc oxide. The surface area can be increased and the chemical activity levels are higher. The product fineness can be adjusted and can even be modified to alter its shape. UV protection can be as high at 98%. This product boasts many special properties, such as antibacterial or anti-mildew.

Why Nano Zinc Oxide is useful?

Zinc oxide nanometers can be utilized in many industries, including ceramics, chemical, rubber paint, ceramics and painting. It is also useful for medical and health purposes, as well as electrical conductivity and medicine. With the study of nanocrystallizations or functionalizations in materials, its potential applications will increase.


Nanometer-sized zinc oxide is used to protect the skin from UV rays. It is effective in protecting, preventing, and reducing UV damage.


The surface area of a nanometer-sized Zinc Oxide can be large, with many active centers and high selectivity. Photocatalysts such as nanometer zinc dioxide, it can also decompose pesticides, organic compounds, carbon tetrachloride and trichloroethylene as well as other pollutants found in the atmosphere. This then becomes H2O/CO2. It is ideal for radar wave absorption materials, stealth technology, and radar wave detection. As an inorganic or vulcanization accelerator, you can add nanometer zinc dioxide to rubber for improved wear resistance. The rubber industry can use this as well.


One nanometer of zinc oxide could kill or inhibit Escherichiacoli. Researchers are paying more attention to the zinc oxide’s characteristics. These include its high biological activity, immunomodulatory power and high absorption rate.

Textile industry

It’s UV-shielding and antibacterial. This can also be used in conjunction with the fabric to provide antibacterial and sun protection.


Nanometer-sized forms of metal such as zinc oxide have high biological activity, high absorptivity, and are therefore considered to be high quality. You can use it for stability and safety as well strong antioxidant properties. Nanometer zinc oxide can replace high-quality zinc in animal feed. Nanometer zinc oxide can also be used to help lower environmental pollution. It can also be used for antibacterial and production improvements.

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