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What is Titanium Nitride TiN Powder?

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Titanium Nitride TiN Pulp Titanium nitride TiN can be described as a cubic golden crystal. Its chemical composition is TiN. The crystal’s molecular weight is 61.89. It has a melting point of 2950. Its density is 5.43g/cm3.
Titanium Nitride TiN pulver’s Physical Characteristics
Titanium Nitride, a synthetic ceramic materials made of titanium, is very hard. The hardness is similar to that of diamond. Titinium nitride can be chemically stable even at room temperatures. To attack titanium nitride, you can use hot concentrated acid. It is then possible to oxidize it at 800 degrees. It is pale yellow because it has similar reflections to infrared Rays (IR) and a reflection spectrum which is comparable to gold.
Relative friction coefficients of titanium Nitride are 0.4 to 0.9% depending on substrate materials. The most frequent crystal structure of titanium Nitride is that made from sodium chloride. A ratio of 1:1 is the relative stoichiometry. Also, the TiNx-X complex has a thermodynamic stability factor of X (0.6-1.2). After cooling to near absolute zero, the thin titanium Nitride film adds 100,000 units.
Titanium Nitride TiN Pulp properties
Additional Names Tinite, TiNite, TiN powder, nitridotitanium
CAS No. 25583-20-4
Formula compound TiN
Molecular Weight 61.87
Appearance Powder in golden brown
Melting Point 2950
Boiling Point N/A
Density 5.43g/cm3
Water solubility It is impossible to solve
The exact Mass 61.951
Titanium Nitride Powder CAS 25833-20-4

What makes titanium nitride stronger than steel?
Titanium alloys with aluminum and vanadium make it stronger than steels. The strength of titanium alloys is higher than lower and middle-grade stainless steels. You can still get stronger stainless steel than titanium alloy if it is of high quality.
However, titanium has the best strength-to-weight ratio. Although titanium is the same weight and strength as steel, it’s only 45% lighter.

Applications of titanium nitride powder
Powder metallurgy is a form of fine ceramic raw material or conductive materials. This is a widely-used material in aerospace, high temperature resistance, and wear resistance. This material has a high electrical conductivity and is able to be used as an electrolyte and contact for the electrolysis of molten sodiums. This material is also useful for hard-cutting tools. Specifically,
1. Bed linen made with titanium nitride This is often done to protect the edges of metal from corrosion.
2. Because of its metallic luster, it is often used to paint. Decorate your car or clothing . Most often, the outer coating is made out of nickel (Ni), or chromium (3Cr). Also, packaging pipes can be used as the substrate.
3. The coating is also possible to be applied to Aerospace and military applications Important is protecting the suspension surfaces on motorcycles and motorbikes, as well the damping shafts of remote-controlled cars.
4. The FDA approved material is safe and non-toxic. This material can be used often in medical devices Sharpening of scalpel blades to sharpen orthopedic bone saw blades.
5. Use titanium nitride films microelectronics Conductors can use the film as a barrier against metal contacts and active devices. Conductivity can be defined as the ability to create a strong connection between metal contacts and active devices when the film is diffused onto silicon.
6. It is used for the production of chips of 45nm size, which increase the efficiency and productivity of transistors. It is used to make the Batteries Combining titanium Nitride (eg. The combination of titanium Nitride and a gate Dielectric Layer (eg.
7. You can use it for extended periods of time because of its high biostability. Bioelectronic electrodes , such as the prosthesis project under the retina and the micro-electro-mechanical system (bio-mems) in biomedicine, which enables intelligent implants or in vivo biosensors to withstand severe humoral corrosion.

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