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What is Zinc Stearate Emulsion Used For?

What is Zincstearate Emulsion? Zil Stearate Emulsion .

Zinc Stearate could be classified as organic matter. Its chemical composition is C36H70O4Zn. White powder, insoluble in water. Also, it can be made soluble by hot alcohol or benzene.

Primarily it’s used to lubricate, and as a release agent of phenolic resin or styrene. It serves as both a softener and vulcanizing agent in rubber. Zinc Stearate is used for heat stabilization, grease, acceleration, thickening and thickening agents.

This can also be used to heat stabilize PVC resin. General industrial transparent products. It can be used to stabilize PVC resin heat.

What purpose does Zinc Stearate Emulsion serve?

1. It is suitable for use in water-soluble acrylic acid, alkyds, and polyurethanes. It is a good transparent filler, and it’s easy to grind.

2. Water-based coatings: These coatings are durable and high quality. It is easy to use, transparent, has low foaming time and anti-sedimentation.

Water-based Ink : This ink can be used for economical purposes and has good stability and filling. This ink can be used as flatting agents.

You can use textile products to improve hydrophobicity as a glaze.

Cosmetic Products: These cosmetic products can be used as a surface-lubricant.

6. paper industry

7. grinding sandpaper It increases the surface’s wear resistance as well as water resistance.


Zinc stearate may be the best makeup binder, as it is used for many products, such as eyeshadows and powders. The binder is very adhesive. The binder sticks powder to the pan.

Zinc Stearate Emulsion Pricing

The demand for and supply of the product or service, as well industry trends and market conditions can affect price. Economic activity. Unexpected events

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Zinc Stearate Emulsion Supplier

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