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Where To Get Colloidal Silver? To Prevent New Coronavirus, You Need It

Nano colloidal gold is a metallic element made of silver with a particle dimension between 1 and 100 nanometers. While the majority of nanosilver has a particle size around 20nm and some can go as low at 5nm, most have a smaller diameter. This broad-spectrum antibacterial effect on bacteria is known as colloidal Silver. The silver does not create drug resistance.

It has been proven that animals are not poisoned even when the dosage of colloidal gold exceeds several thousand times what is recommended. Additionally, the product aids in the healing of the epithelial tissues. You should mention that water contains an increased antibacterial power, which makes this product more beneficial for diseases.

Advanced Colloidal Silver Features:

Advanced colloidal sulfide can be used to directly attack cell membrane proteins. It is capable of directly destroying the cell membrane protein and oxygen metabolism enzyme (SH). It inhibits the absorption and growth of other microorganisms. The unique mechanism of this action is able to kill almost all microorganisms, including fungi.

Advanced colloidal Silver has extremely high penetration and can penetrate to 2mm under skin to sterilize. You can also use it to kill bacteria in deeper tissues.

Advanced colloidal gold is made of silver and silicon. It kills more that 650 bacteria in a matter of minutes. Because the complex is fast binding to the cells of bacteria, colloidal silver has a powerful and potent bactericidal impact.


While nano silver solution can be antibacterial as well as deodorant, its sterilizing action on microorganisms is exceptional. You can also determine the sterilization effects of nanosilver solutions by their particle size. Lethality will be stronger if the particles are smaller.

A nanosilver solution offers excellent antibacterial properties. It’s widely used for medical and healthcare, in textiles, plastics products, chemical building materials, and other areas. This nano-silver solution eliminates dispersibility problems and prevents silver powder from easily becoming oxidized. Coloidal silver has long been used in medicine as well as biology and environment.

Where to Get Colloidal Gold:

A strong penetrating strength allows nano colloidal to fully attack and contact pathogens. Thus, the silver can exert stronger biological benefits. Advanced colloidal gold has many advantages, including high safety, long-lasting sterilization, and wide antibacterial coverage. Even though nano-silver is far more effective than silver ion, traditional silver bacteriaicides in killing pathogenic organisms like cocci, bacilli, and mycelia. This nanosilver solution has the ability to kill bacteria, fungi (mycoplasma), chlamydia or other pathogenic microorganisms.

Trunnano makes advanced colloidal Silver, 1000ppm 2-5nm. The product has broad-spectrum antibiotic, strong brake bacteria and safety. Trunnano’s mission is to offer comprehensive products, solutions, and services in order to support advanced materials research at Chinese research institutes, universities, and other enterprises.

Lemondedudroit, Lemondedudroit advanced materials Tech Co., Ltd., is a Nano-colloidal silver producer with over 12+ years in chemical products development research. Contact us to inquire about high-quality Nano Colloidal Silver.

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