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Why Inconel 625 powder has extremely high corrosion resistance?

What exactly is Inconel 625 Powder?

Powder inonel 625

This material is high in strength and has a very high resistance to corrosion and oxidation. This makes it a good choice for the chemical and aerospace industries. This superalloy exhibits high mechanical strength and hardness even at very low temperatures, around 2000°F/1093°C. It is highly resistant to corrosion and cracking caused by chloride stress. It’s essentially nonmagnetic. Due to its toughness alloy 625 is capable of degrading chloride. Inconel 625’s excellent corrosion resistance is due to molybdenum/niobium as well as the solid solution containing refractory elements. Inconel 625 has excellent resistance to oxidation thanks to its high levels of nickel and chrome. The non-oxidative corrosive effects of nickel and molybdenum are prevented by the addition of molybdenum or nickel. Likewise, niobium is able to stabilise the alloy during welding to avoid sensitization. Inconel 625 can also be approved for the manufacture of pressure vessels that have a temperature range between 196oC and 450oC.

Making Inconel 625 powder

Inconel 625 is a good material for welding and forming. The temperature at which it can be heated is 2150oF. It should only be used for low temperature hot working to stop the growth of grains. Due to the 625’s high elasticity, it is easily hardened. For composite pieces, you should use mild annealing techniques. Because of its incomparable welding properties, alloy 625 can be used to join other metals with different compositions. Inconel 625 is a versatile filler metal that can be used for welding different materials. You can weld the 625 alloy by using manual or automated techniques, like GTAW (gas-tungsten arc welding), resistance welding, and gas metal welding.

Inconel 625 Powder Application

Alloy 625 has been mainly designed for steam pipelines. It is also used widely in aero engines as well as pulp and paper machinery. Alloy 625’s main uses include thermal protection, furnace modules and aviation and land-gas turbine engines. Combustion liners, chemical processing plant, and offshore water applications like the jacket for underwater communication cables.

Inconel 625 powder price

Inconel powder particle sizes and purity can impact the price. The purchase volume may also have an effect on the price. Large quantities of powder will result in a lower price. On our website, you can see the cost of Inconel Powder 625.

Powder from Inconel 625

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