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Zirconium Nitride-A Promising Superconducting Material

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What’s zirconium-nitride?

Zirconium-nitride is a refractory chemical, with golden yellow and high corrosion resistance. This compound can be used for aerospace rocket engine high-temperature materials, atomic energy industry protective layer alloy material, and petrochemical container corrosion resist material. The change in the composition of Nitride Zirconium (Zr–N) compounds has led to a range of crystal structures such as ZrN, Zr3N4, Zr3N4, and Zr3N5. The compounds have outstanding chemical properties and can be used for junction, diffuse layer and low-temperature transistors.

Application of zirconium-nitride

Due to its high melting points of zirconium, this material is used for the manufacture of hard tools and hard alloys.

Prospects for zirconium-nitride development

Zirconium nutride, an inert matrix material, is a good choice for nuclear fuel.

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