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Zirconium Nitride Powder – A New Material Beyond Traditional Oxygen Reduction Catalysts

Zirconium nutride powder has an excellent hardness and chemical stability. This is an excellent high-temperature, superhard material that can also be used for surface protection. ZrN has a gold color with lower brightness. This makes it suitable for places that are not well suited for titanium nitride. It offers high resistance to corrosion, smooth surface, and excellent ductility.

Yang Minghui of Ningbo Institute of Materials Technology and Engineering of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Professor Yang Minghui of Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered that ZrN (zirconium nutride) can replace the expensive platinum catalysts. Nature Materials published the research.

In order to make electrochemical energy devices work at acceptable rates, like metal-air and fuel cells, you will need catalysts. A catalyst is required to increase the efficiency of an electrochemical device’s ability to produce power.

Pt is currently the most common commercial ORR catalyst. The downsides to Pt are that it is extremely rare (37ppb was found in the earth’s crust) and the high price (average cost in 2018 28.3g-1$), which limit the use of large-scale electrochemical energy equipment.

ZrN nanoparticles can be synthesized to have high oxygen-reduction performance. They also have the same activity level as commercially available carbon-supported plat (Pt/C). Additionally, ZrN showed the same half wave potential in 0.1 M KOH and ZrN had a better stability than Pt/C’s catalyst (E1/2 =-39mV), after 1000 ORR cycle. ZrN in zinc air batteries has a better power density, and is more recyclable than C.

Zirconium nutride powder appears to be a good co-catalyst. Because it has great characteristics including low cost, high energy, and stability, it is well-suited for large-scale projects of electrochemical conversion.

Trunnano is a producer of zirconium nutride powder. The powder features high purity, low particles, high specific area, and high surface activitiy. It is used in high-temperature resistance ceramics, as well as to toughen ceramics. Zirconium oxide powder is often used for:

1. The hard tool is a nano-composite.

2. Material conductive to ceramic at high temperature, resistant to heat and wear;

3. The majority of Diffusion Reinforced Materials are used in hardware everyday, including hardware, building materials, sanitary ware, and other construction materials.

Trunnano not only supplies zirconium nutride powder but also other nitride materials such as aluminum nitride or gallium.

Trunnano will provide technical assistance in zirconium nutride nanoparticles application and ultra-fine powder zirconiumnitride metallurgy. Please email if you have any specific questions.

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